Computers are a wonderful resource that makes running calculations, word processing, and document organization easy. However, sometimes a hard copy of data is required. Office printers make it easy to print out necessary documents, and copy machines can allow you to mass-produce copies of those documents. These office machines rely on toner to function, and toner must be replaced periodically. Here are four tips that will help you purchase effective, high-quality toner for your printers and copy machines:

1. Purchase the right toner cartridge for your printer or copy machine.

However, cartridges are not universally compatible. A given cartridge may be too large or too small for your printer or copy machine. Depending on the model you own, a cartridge may even be the wrong shape. To avoid frustration, you should always make sure to purchase toner cartridges that are compatible with your machines. Most cartridge manufacturers include information about printer and copy machine compatibilities on their product packaging and webpages.

2. Choose high-quality toner.

The cost of office supplies can quickly add up, and many office managers and private individuals strive to cut costs wherever they can. However, purchasing inexpensive toner can backfire if the toner is of inferior quality. Poor-quality toner can produce text and images that are not dark enough. Light font can be difficult to read, contributing to eye strain and an unprofessional document appearance. Poor-quality toner is also more likely to smear, which can create a mess at your desk. When shopping for cartridge replacements, choose premium cartridges that are filled with effective toner.

3. Consider your product warranty.

Printers and copy machines are expensive pieces of equipment, and their product warranties can help you safeguard your investment. However, certain actions may void your product warranty, rendering it useless. Before purchasing toner, make sure to read your machine's warranty thoroughly. Some warranties specify that only name-brand cartridges can be used in your printer or copier. If this is the case, you'll want to purchase the correct brand of premium toner to keep your warranty in effect. 

4. Never try to refill toner cartridges yourself.

Finally, you should never try to refill toner cartridges on your own. While you can buy kits that purportedly will allow you to do so, you may accidentally ruin your printer or copy machine using a refilled cartridge. Plus, refilling toner cartridges is a messy and difficult task. Instead, you're better off purchasing brand-new premium toner cartridges.

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