There are many different bags that can work well as a promotional tool for your company or organization. Cloth shopping bags, drawstring bags, and other designs are often popular choices to get customized with your company's branding information and hand out to clients. If you're looking for a higher-end option, another idea to pursue is zippered backpacks. These bags will cost more per unit, so you may prefer to only give them out to certain clients. A zippered backpack that features your company's name and logo can be something your clients carry for all sorts of applications. When ordering these backpacks, look for these criteria:


The better the design of your promotional backpacks, the more that your clients will want to use them. If your local promotional bag company has multiple zippered backpacks available, you want to choose a design that has lots of appealing features. For example, it should have a dedicated sleeve for carrying a laptop computer, as well as a selection of exterior pockets of different sizes. A small pocket on the exterior that holds a cellphone, for example, can be appealing. Similarly, a pocket for a water bottle is something that your clients will favour.


You want to be confident that your promotional backpacks are comfortable to wear, as this will increase the probability that your clients will use their backpacks frequently. There are lots of features that can increase this comfort. For example, wider shoulder straps tend to be more comfortable than narrow straps, especially when the backpack is full and heavy. Similarly, you'll want to choose a product that has padding on the shoulder straps so that they don't dig into the shoulders. Lots of backpacks have a handle on the top for times that the user doesn't wish to wear the backpack over their shoulders. If you choose a backpack with this feature, ensure that this handle is comfortable to hold.


You'll commonly find backpacks in all sorts of materials. While you might initially be focused on choosing the right colour, you should also ensure that the material you select is water resistant. It's important for the backpack's material to repel water to keep the items inside dry. This is especially critical for those who will carry laptops and other electronic gear in their backpacks. Contact a local promotional bags company to evaluate its various backpack designs and to choose the right model to give out.