Whether you are wearing a face mask to protect yourself and others or because you are mandated to wear one by your work or local businesses, it is not something you likely enjoy. However, thinking about your mask as part of your fashion style can at least make it more fun. Choosing a mask in a fun style and color, such as a multi-color polka dot one, can make mask-wearing more tolerable.

Coordinate colors with your clothing

Pick a color out of your multi-color polka dot face mask and match it to a tee shirt and your favorite jeans. For instance, if your mask contains blue, red, and white polka dots, choose a solid red, blue, or white tee shirt to pull the color from the mask. Paired with your favorite jeans, you are sure to make a fashion statement, whether you are heading to the office or stopping at the grocery store.

Want a great family photo to remind you of the present time? Get coordinating face masks for everyone and do a photoshoot. Your family photo is sure to get rave reviews and help others to see mask-wearing in a positive light during trying times.

Match accessories to your mask

Purchasing accessories to match your mask is a fun way to dress up any outfit and help you rock your face mask. Look for purses, watchbands, headbands, earrings, socks, or other accessories in multi-color polka dot patterns to match your mask. This is a look that will transition well from the office to formal wear for an evening out.

Have a contest with friends

Want to add some fun and a little drama to your day? Purchase multi-colored polka dot face masks and hand them out to your friends and coworkers. See how many fun ways they can coordinate the masks to look great with their favorite outfits and have everyone vote on their favorite looks at the end of the week.

Mask wearing does not have to consist only of a boring surgical mask or plain cloth mask. Make your mask-wearing count by choosing a multi-color polka dot mask and see how many ways you can match it to your clothing and accessories. You will be surprised at how many fun combinations you can come up with, and you will look great while doing your part to keep others and yourself safe.

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