People are starting to get more creative with their jewelry. Even when it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings, more people are opting for colorful gems, like rubies and sapphires, rather than the more traditional diamonds. But does this mean that diamonds are obsolete or soon to be? Not at all! They may no longer be the only option, but diamonds still have a few key advantages over other gems, and those advantages have still kept them relevant.

They match everything

Sure, a bright red ruby or a blue sapphire might look amazing on your hand, but what if you want to wear something that clashes with the color of the gem? When you're picking out jewelry you plan on wearing daily or often over the rest of your life, you want that jewelry to easily match your wardrobe. You don't want to have to eliminate half your clothes because it clashes with your ring. Diamonds, on the other hand, are clear. Which means they match everything. You won't have to choose your clothing or other accessories based on your jewelry, which gives you more flexibility in dress and style over the years.

They have a classic appeal

Today, many people are choosing colorful gems. Maybe this trend will last, but it may not. Diamonds, though, have been really popular for a very long time. Chances are, they're not just going to go out of style next year or a decade from now. For expensive jewelry you plan on wearing for a long time, you really want to choose a timeless look, and diamonds can give you that timeless look. And if the setting you choose happens to go out of style, you can just have the same diamond reset in something more on-trend. Diamonds are really durable, so this approach works well with them.

You can buy lab-made ones

If you do not want to buy a naturally mined diamond for ethical reasons, there are plenty of lab-made ones for sale. This is not true of other gems. Because there has not historically been as much demand for other gems, the industry producing them in labs simply has not been financially enabled to grow.

Diamonds definitely still have a place in the jewelry world. If you want a lab-made gem, a gem that will match everything, or one that will remain timeless, then a diamond is a smart choice. Visit jewelry stores near you, and take a look at your options.